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Just thinking…

So, I am sitting here thinking about expansion and growth. My mind is running around with plenty ideas and I am getting headaches, but that should be a good thing. After this first event at my house which is June 26th from 3pm-6pm, (more details to come) I would like to have a pop up thrift shop in the NYC somewhere.  The ideas are flowing right now…I actually started some research on on pop-up shops. If all goes well, which I have faith that it will, I can get one started by late fall.  Actually I will get one started by the late fall, I am just going to need massive promoting. 


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In Case you did not know….

I need to get the terms right myself….

Know the terms

Resale, thrift or consignment? Here’s how to tell the difference.

  • A resale shop is a store that buys its merchandise from individual owners.
  • A thrift shop is run by a non-profit organization to raise money to fund its charitable cause.
  • A consignment shop accepts merchandise on a consignment basis, paying the owners of the merchandise a percentage when and if the items are sold. Some consignment shops also purchase items outright from individual owners and/or wholesalers.

Source: The Association of Resale Professionals, narts.org

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