Yesterday’s Glam 1st Fashion Show was A for Awesome!!!!

Despite the events that happened to me prior to the event, the show turned out to be another A for AMAZING!!!! and  God is A for Awesome! He does not put more on me than I can bare. It was truly a wonderful experience, and It has been a week and I am still taking it all in. I must say that I have learned a lot, not only about managing things, people, money, but also managing myself. The past two months have been stressful yet, I managed; granted I just jumped into it without looking when it came to the show, but it was all worth it to be honest.

The models were wonderful and beautiful, the make up artist and hairstylist did their thang, The event coordinator Jocelyn Mcwilliams had the venue looking amazing, the venue itself set the tone for the show, the stylist Shalimar Rosas had the models looking “OH SO Yesterday’s Glam”, Dj Young Fresh set the tone as well with the tunes, Munyiva “the Diva” Munguti had the audience in anticipation, the Symister’s had everyone stuffed off the delicious food, the drinks were flowing, and Yesterday’s Glam was the talk of the night! Once again Thank you to everyone who played a part in the show, as well as those who came out to support the Yesterday’s Glam movement. I am truly blessed, you all keep me motivated!!! again thank you!!!



Photographers: John Dryzga, Louis Romero, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Rhiannon Livardo, Kevin Garcia

Make Up: Saraa Green, Yasmin Robinson, Monique Nicholson, Katlyn Conway

Hair: Tasia Estrict, Evelyn Herard

Stylist: Shalimar Rosas

Event Coordinator: Jocelyn Mcwilliams

Host: Munyiva Munguti


AXCELLE MEDY                                             CONNOR BROWNE

JOCELYN PABELLON                                       PAYAL UPADHYAY

DAYANA NUNEZ                                              NZYUKO MUNGUTI

MEGAN MINCEY                                               RACHEL BARNES

SAM MEDY                                                       CLARISSA DE JESUS

MELISSA NICHOLS                                          JAHKEYLA RODRIQUEZ

CHRISTINA RENDALL                                     MATTHEW HIBBERT

CORSHEYIA BRYANT                                       STEPHANIE BURGOS

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One response to “Yesterday’s Glam 1st Fashion Show was A for Awesome!!!!

  1. Had a blast! Everyone looked great. Keep it up Shonelo

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