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Playing with the Mannequin

I bought this mannequin that I need to fix up, paint and just make it look pretty. It is a vintage mannequin that needs to be screwed and unscrewed to adjust the size. I will be displaying most of the clothes I have  as soon as I fix it up. However, today I decided to play with it after work with some of my clothes, and also clothes that are for sale with YesterdaysGlam.


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July 31, 2011 · 8:48 pm

I apologize for the Delays….

I am sorry for those who are looking forward to my post, but I have been on a little hiatus. The hiatus was only temporary until I got somethings in order with myself and my future.  Thank you all for your support, it is well appreciated!!!!!!!!

FYI: I bought a MANNEQUINNNNNNN!!!! I just excited about this now I can display clothes properly.

Also I will be having another Garage Sale At the end of August and another one the second weekend in September. I can only have two Yard Sales a year so one of them will be in Montclair by my Aunt’s.

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Etsy Purchase

I received my @Lolavintage purchase today in the mail….I can not wait to rock these pumps!! I will post a picture of them shortyly.

Also I have lots of new earrings for purchase. Inquire for info….


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