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Relaxed and Rejuvenated!!!!

I am back!!!!!

Even though this post is irrelevant, I just want to say that I had a wonderful time in Turks and Caicos!!!!!! I recommend everyone to go and see the beautiful beaches, scenery, and also enjoy the island delicacies. I will be posting first thing on Monday. I just need to get focused again and try to get Turks and Caicos off my mind, and think WordPress!!! lol

Well good day and BE BLESSED!! Peace Love and Vintage…

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In Case you did not know….

I need to get the terms right myself….

Know the terms

Resale, thrift or consignment? Here’s how to tell the difference.

  • A resale shop is a store that buys its merchandise from individual owners.
  • A thrift shop is run by a non-profit organization to raise money to fund its charitable cause.
  • A consignment shop accepts merchandise on a consignment basis, paying the owners of the merchandise a percentage when and if the items are sold. Some consignment shops also purchase items outright from individual owners and/or wholesalers.

Source: The Association of Resale Professionals,

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Am I the only one who can not shop at the mall?

I know  others just like me HATES, DREADS, and is just IMPATIENT when it comes to shopping at a mall or other retail stores. The other day I went to my local mall, and I was having like an  anxiety attack. I was just overwhelmed with different stores, trying to find something I like was so HARD. I guess I am so use to thrifting, and seeking and searching for vintage clothes, and shoes that I can not get into retail shopping again. Ughh!! it is not for  me anymore. I mean I can shop for shoes in the mall, but clothes I just can’t….

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My mother said my room is a FIRE HAZARD!!!!!

Only if you knew what my room looks like right now. I am actually embarrassed to even put a picture of it on this post. I might be over exaggerating about the mess in my room, it’s mostly clothes though!  It is an organize  clutter I have my blouses in one pile, blazers in another, slacks and bottoms in  another, and dresses and rompers in another pile. I definitely do not have room in my closet any more for all these GREAT Finds.  However, as far as my room being a fire hazard, it is not. My mom likes to be dramatic,  I can still open my door and  one window in my room is accessible. I also apologize for not posting anything in almost more than tw0 weeks, but I am Ready Now!!

The Rack for my xtra clothes that fell on me

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